We were here
God, it was 13, no!
Was it 15 years ago?
I remember being sleepless then, too
Wide-eyed in that the ink of that summer night.
The ridgeline was cast against a faint moonlight
Then, it was hot in this
Exact same spot
With the deafening sounds of nature mixed
With an welcome breeze
It sailed through what little we had
of this house
Still, door and windowless.
Then as now, I was simultaneously brimming
with happiness and gratitude
While sometimes more
Scared and fear-filled
To my core.
Then as now, it woke me and like before,
I waited and hoped
For a word, “OK” Or two, “It’s OK”
Three? “It’ll be OK” or best,
Best — “It’ll be OK — promise…”
Now a magnificent white covers
This same ridgeline
Doors and windows now protect me
From the cold of winter.
As a the same sun rises
So sweetly
To blast light
Force closed my eyes
To hear a faint whisper
Again, promises in your reminders.

–Copyright 2017 Cliff Kayser