Powerful Pause (Tai Chi)

Steps kissed deck boards as the sun kissed a new day from the farthest ridge

Slowly and suddenly clouds of mist rose up in sync with my hands

From the valleys their white veils drifted and dangled in the breezes

Turning pink and orange until they faded into the gradient of blues

Of mountains and sky

Mind and heart joined in wordless reminders

Of known and forgotten details

About Love

The most powerful force

About Heaven

Appreciated or created in a moment

About precious gifts

On this infinite string connecting worlds

Here and beyond

About this powerful pause

That adds color and removes care

For what this or future days might bring

Focuses me on this step

Appreciates steps

That carried me to this place

That carried others to this place

That brought the laughter and learning

And a bit more joy and kindness

And the salve I needed

To slow the fast

To marry the present to past

To observe all that beauty in the rise of one sun

To feel so much warmth in one ceiling cast

Over this sacred mountain

Over this blessed congregation

Over this house of Love


–Thanks to John Carter, PhD and the Gestalt 2019 OSD Class