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Speaking Engagement Spotlight:

Cliff Kayser recites a moving poem at the Systems Thinking in Action  (STIA) Conference in November of 2012.


“Cliff and Russ have been regular speakers at our conferences since 2009 and delivered the keynote on the final day of our Systems Thinking in Action Conference in November of 2012. Cliff and Russ followed keynotes on previous days by Peter Block, Peter Senge, and Margaret Wheatley and provided a smashing performance with ratings of 4.9 out of 5 – with more than 700 people in attendance. This is the highest rating we’ve seen in years and a well-deserved recognition of a presentation that included a mix of tools, tips and techniques pulled together and made visible through stories from the field, part humor, and part inspiration. I recommend and say with confidence that Cliff will add real depth for your event or conference as he has done consistently for PEGASUS.”

–Mark Alpert, PEGASUS Systems

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at the Systems Thinking in Action Conference

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Polarity Thinking full day seminar that Jean Porto and you designed and presented at the 2013 conference of the Association for Psychological Type International last week. Having attended many APTi conferences, I can truthfully say that this session was one of the very best, if not the best, of the presentations I have experienced at one of our events. It was loaded with very useful take-aways, aha moments, humor and clear expertise. Evident was the amount of time and effort you both put into the preparation and the presentation of the material. Also, the interactive nature from start to finish was particularly helpful not only in making the day go very fast but also in facilitating a deeper learning on the parts of those attending. I would also like to thank both of you for your gracious generosity with the participants. Thank you for a great learning experience.”

–Kathleen Howard, M.B.A., M.Ed. MBTI® Master Practitioner, Human Development Associates, President

Selected List of Speaking Engagements

Event NameMonthYearPresentation Title
Capital Coaches Conference presented by ICF Metro DCSeptember2022"LEVERAGING THE “PROBLEM AND PERSON” POLARITY AS COACHES with Wanda Savage-Moore, ACC."
SEBRAE (Brazil)August2022"How to maximize your leadership with polarity thinking"
Arizona/New Mexico ICFMarch2022“Leveraging Polarities in Coaching”
Leadership Forum 2021 Summit: Leading to RepairJuly2021“And”, The Grace Between Right or Wrong
Middle East North Africa Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Education ResearchJanuary2020“Health Professions Education Reform: Using Polarity Thinking to Leverage Global Medical Education Accreditation and Quality”
Maryland International Coaching FederationOctober2018Cultivating Competency for “Both/And” Thinking
International Association of Clinical Research Nurses Annual ConferenceOctober2018Leveraging Leadership and Organizational Tensions
Polarity Learning CommunityOctober2018The Polarities of Democracy Multarity: Theory and Practice Founder’s Update
Maryland International Coaching FederationSeptember2018Leveraging Polarity Thinking for Coach and Client Development:
Institute for Educational Leadership / Education Policy Fellowship Program August2018Addressing Unsolvable (But Leverage-able) Polarity Tensions
Leadership Best Practices ConferenceJuly2018Polarity Mapping: A Tool for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations
Polarity Learning CommunityNovember2017Introducing the Institute for Polarities of Democracy, 501(c)3
2016 Capital Coaches Conference - “Designing Innovative Conversations”October2016“Using the Polarity Approach to Leverage Unsolvable Problems”
Polarity Learning Community, Center for Creative LeadershipSeptember2016“Coaching Using a Polarity Lens: Measuring Eight Key Leadership Polarities Using PACT”
Ohio Valley ICFAugust2016“How Can the Polarity Approach Support Your Clients and Your Coaching?”
Polarity Learning Community, Texas A&M UniversityNovember2015“Perspectives: Polarity as Metatheory
Association of Mumbai Coaches, Mumbai, IndiaNovember2015“A Polarity Approach to Coaching: Increasing the Speed, Attainability, and Sustainability of Client Outcomes”
World Institute of Action Learning International ConferenceOctober2015“The Power Team of Action Learning and Polarity Thinking”
Mid-Atlantic Facilitator’s NetworkOctober2015“Leveraging the Power of Polarities in Facilitation”
Delaware Valley Association for Psychological TypeMarch2015“Optimizing TYPE Using the Polarity Approach”
Northern Virginia Society for Human Resource ManagementJanuary2015“Using Organizational Conflict to Your Advantage”
Alliance for Non-profit Management Conference September2014“Problems vs. Polarities — A Critical Distinction: Leveraging Polarities in Nonprofit Management”
Northern Virginia Society for Human Resource Management – HR Strategy Academy ConferenceSeptember2014“Polarities: How to Leverage Strategic Business Tension in Organizations”
Systems Thinking in Schools ConferenceJuly2014“Leveraging Polarities in Education”
ICF Global 2014 Conference-North America — MidwestJune2014“Between a Rock and a Hard Place:  Leveraging Polarities with a “Both/And” Approach to Learning from Experience “
KEYNOTE: United Technologies Aerospace Systems - Leadership Summit (Top 150 Leaders)May2014“Leveraging Polarity for Flawless Execution”
American University KEY Conference May2014“Achieving Mastery and Purpose Together:  Small Ways To Create Big Change”
Masonleads and the Center for the Advancement of Well-being Leading to Well-being Conference: Thriving TogetherApril2014“Thriving in Big Ways Using the “S.M.A.L.L.” Approach: How to Create and Sustain Leadership and Organizational Well-Being”
KEYNOTE: Systems Thinking in Action Conference, 2014April2014“Measuring Fears in Gap Analysis, x 2″
KEYNOTE: Systems Thinking in Action Conference, 2013November2013The S.M.A.L.L. Approach to Measure and Leverage Love in Systems
Association for Psychological Type, International Conference, 2013July2013“Setting a Higher Bar for the MBTI Using the Polarity Approach and Map”
Polarity Thinking Learning CommunityMarch2013“Using the Polarity Assessment for Continuity and Transformation (PACT) in Diversity and Inclusion work.”
KEYNOTE : Pegasus ConferenceNovember2012“A World of Both: Harnessing the Energy of Opposites”
9th Annual Capital Coaches ConferenceJune2012“Boundary Busting with Polarity Coaching”
Chesapeake Bay Organization Development ConferenceMay2012“Resiliency Through Leveraging Polarity”
No Va Association for Psychological TypeFebruary2012Polarity Thinking and MBTI, Part II
Southeast Regional Leadership Conference: NEA Leaders Standing StrongFebruary2012Polarity Thinking: The Leadership APP for 21 st Century Strategic Leaders
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference NEA Leaders Standing StrongJanuary2012Polarity Thinking: The Leadership APP for 21 st Century Strategic Leaders
No Va Association for Psychological TypeNovember2011Psychological Type (MBTI) and Polarity Thinking
Pegasus ConferenceOctober2011A “Speed Date” with Polarity Thinking/Tapping the Generative Power of Systems with Polarity Management
KEYNOTE: Pegasus Conference - “Systems Thinking in Action: Fueling New Cycles of Success”November2010Present:
Getting Unstuck: Turning Unsolvable Problems into Virtuous Cycles Using Polarity Management
Capitol Creativity NetworkOctober2010Xperience “IT”: Emerging the Generative & Sustainable for the Individual and Collective
Chesapeake Bay Organization Development NetworkMarch 29, 19002010Tapping into the Power of Generative and Sustainable Change for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations
Metro DC International Coaching FederationFebruary2010Coaching to *Polarities to Achieve High-performance and Sustainable Dynamic Balance — Xperience “IT”!
D.C. Office of Chief Technology Officer, Leadership Strategy and Innovation Thought Leader SeriesNovember2009Strategic Thinking: “OVERVIEW: How to Identify and Manage Unsolvable Problems; Working with Polarities “
American Council for Technology (ACT) - Industry Advisory Council (IAC).September2009Senior Executive Service and IT Partners Leadership Series:“Managing Interdependent Values (Polarities)”
American Society for Training & Development, OD Special Interest GroupJuly2009“How to Identify and Manage Unsolvable Problems”
National Values Assessment Coalition Conference, Stockholm, Sweden. (Sponsored by the Barrett Values Centre). May2009“Value Polarities for Barrett Values Assessment Results”
Georgetown University Executive Leadership Coaching Graduate Conference on SustainabilityFebruary2009“Coaching to Polarities for Sustainable Dynamic Balance”
Chesapeake Bay Organization Development NetworkJuly2008“Managing Polarities to Assist the Practice of International OD”
Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network Coaching Special Interest GroupFebruary2008“Coaching to Polarities”
Barrett Values Centre, Cultural Transformation Tools International ConferenceApril2007“Mapping Polarities to Manage Desired Culture ‘Antidotes’”
Polarity Learning CommunityApril2007“Using a Polarity Lens in the ICF Core Competencies”