Partners in Polarities

Institute for Polarities of Democracy

The Institute for Polarities of Democracy educates doctoral candidates, post-doctoral graduates, and others in using PACT™ (Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation) and Polarities of Democracy tools and processes to advance organizational well-being and create healthy, sustainable, and just communities.

Polarities of Democracy: The Role of Theory in Effecting Social Change by Scholar-Practitioners

The video presentation to the right is conducted by Suzanne Rackl, and Dr. William Benet, CSBS. This session explores the Polarities of Democracy Theory (POD) of positive social change in a scholar-practitioner’s work, tracing the experience of the presenters’ use of theory inside and outside academia.

Also see:

The Case for Public Education: A Question of Survival
by William J. Benet, Ph.D

Polarity Partnerships

Interested in leveraging polarities to achieve your preferred future faster and more sustainably?

In today’s world of increasing complexity and polarization, high performing leaders, teams and organizations must be able to solve problems AND leverage Polarities (interdependent values, competencies and strategic objectives ). Polarity Thinking™, Polarity Maps®, and the Polarity Assessment™ are the most robust suite of resources & tools available to help you achieve your preferred future faster and more sustainably.

SixSEED Partners

Interested in Polarity applications in Healthcare?

SixSEED Partners specialized in Integrated Solutions. You can learn about several applications HERE #1 and HERE #2. And, recent results of research, HERE.

Thriving USA Initiative

From Polarized to Optimized

The Thriving USA Initiative is an effort to encourage you, our federally elected representatives, to include And-thinking in support of your legislative process. This initiative and the Polarity Thinking on which it is based can help you reduce polarization and resistance to change, which increase the speed, impact, and sustainability of your legislative efforts on behalf of all of us.

The resources below offer three depths of insight into Polarity Thinking and the power of And, from awareness and political context (videos) to foundational understanding and applications (PDFs and the books).

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