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XPERIENCE LLC, headquartered in Washington, DC, offers organization consulting, executive coaching, and leadership training to U.S. public, private, non-profit, and international clients. We work with leaders, teams and  organizations to create generative and sustainable high performance and reduce polarization.

Xperience® Mission
Leveraging the power and experience of “IT” – creating generative and sustainable high-performance – for leaders, teams and organizations.

Also under XPERIENCE is Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Centera unique and intimate space for small groups to experience and accomplish BIG things – located two hours from Washington, D.C. in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.


Cliff Kayser joined Polarity Partnerships, LLC as an Owner/Partner as the VP of Mastery and Coaching Programs, effective September, 2012. This website and XPERIENCE, LLC will continue operations, and you can contact with Cliff in all the ways you are used to — e-mail, phone, websites. However, all non-Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Center services — Speaking, Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Training — will be conducted under Polarity Partnerships, LLC.  For more information, please see:

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Upcoming Events

Cliff Kayser and Beth Applegate speak at The Alliance for Non-profit Management Conference, Austin, TX, September 17-19, 2014

“Problems vs. Polarities — A Critical Distinction: Leveraging Polarities in Nonprofit Management”

Session Description: Have you ever had a client or grantee that struggled with goals that seemed to be at odds with one another? For example, promoting entrepreneurial initiative, while struggling to create structure and accountability? How about pursuing collaborative networks while maintaining their organization’s individual visibility? Seeing these and other challenges as “both/and” polarities, which are distinct from “either/or” problems to solve, can be a great support to leaders, organizations and communities seeking to leverage the inherent tensions of these and other polarities. Leveraging polarities can help achieve new levels of success in ways that are sustainable over time. Misdiagnosing a polarity as a problem to solve leads to vicious cycles and chronic tensions that serve no one. Seeing a polarity and intentionally leveraging it can lead to virtuous cycles that serve all involved. Designed for capacity builders, this session will help you see and map polarity tensions and introduce you to a tool and process that will support your work with nonprofits and other social change organizations.


Cliff Kayser speaks at the NoVaSHRM HR Strategic Academy
Session Title: “Polarities: How to Leverage Strategic Business Tension in Organizations”
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Blended Online and Workshop + Retreat — “Foundations in PACT (Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation)”
Online and at Kayser Ridge Retreat and Learning Center
375 Breakthrough Ln. Berkeley Springs, WV
Begins w/Sunday dinner 11/2 and ends on 11/4 (Tuesday), 3:00pm



Polarity Thinking is part of the Advanced Coaching Program in Leadership and Well-being at the Center for the Advancement of Well-being, George Mason University.


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Polarity Coaching

Use resistance and polarization as resources for sustainable change.

Achieve BIG things using the S.M.A.L.L. approach.

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Custom Training

Xperience can help clients assess skill gaps, design, and deliver a variety of training to support desired behavior change, improve relationships, and create sustainable results.

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