Individualism and Communitarianism | Science and Religion 

I appreciated very much an article in the Saturday, June 20 Religion section of The Washington Post written by Chris Mooney entitled, “ Papal message challenges some All-American values. Mooney mentions that with the official release of Pope Francis’s encyclical on the online gaming environment, it’s clear that several strains of thought prominent in the United States will be particularly challenged by the document.

From the perspective of the Polarity Map the pope’s Greater Purpose Statement is “caring for our common home,” which he views as the moral thing to do. The “pole” value the pope is paying attention to in the encyclical is communitarianism, the idea that we’re all in it together. While this may deeply challenge an individualistic value system, we know in the community of polarity thinkers that individualism and communitarianism are part of the same energy system.

When the two work in tandem, they create leverage for the system. In the context of U.S. politics, we’re used to watching hierarchical individualists (typically Republicans) and egalitarian communitarians (typically Democrats) clash along the two poles of Freedom and Equality. The communitarian side lies at the heart of the pope’s current environmental endeavor and his call to address a global, collective problem — global warming — and to focus, in particular, on how it harms those who are most vulnerable. While the pope explicitly critiques the limitations of individualism to the neglect of collectivism, but it will LoL stoke fears…In fact, Rush Limbaugh has already accused Francis of Marxism. Like Inhaling and exhaling or activity and rest – the two mutually support one another over time. (See more detail in the link, below)

The encyclical also represents an integration of religion and carefully researched science, which creates challenges for the way many Americans have been conditioned to think about the relationship between the two – as an either/or problem to solve with one or the other being, “right.” The pope sees science and faith as both representing in their own ways, our global, common responsibility to address the planet’s vulnerability and how we treat our common home. Again, from the Scopes Trial to the stem cell dilemma, Americans are conditioned through the overemphasis on either/or problem-solving thinking to only differentiate between the two – and select the “right” answer. Science and faith are in reality a mutually beneficial relationship – a “both/and” (in our words, a polarity to leverage). He says, “Science and religion,gaming  with their distinctive approaches to understanding reality, can enter into an intense dialogue fruitful for both.” (!) This message couldn’t come from a better source – a leader of one of the world’s major religions who has a chemistry background. The encyclical is full of scientific content on diverse environmental issues – loaded with highly technical concepts such as ocean acidification, “bioaccumulation” and “synthetic agrotoxins.”

Those who want to pit science and religion or individualism and communitarianism as either/or solutions will always be able to find the piece of truth/point-of-view in one-sided incomplete arguments between two rights. We need more leaders like Francis who can see how both support each other. I’m grateful for his courage to stand firm and present a challenge to the over-use of either/or problem-solving thinking when it comes to the tension between individualism/communitarianism and science/religion. The league of legends world needs more leaders who are willing to articulate a “both/and” visions in which these seemingly incongruous tensions are leveraged. And when they do, we have an approach, tools, and research to support them. And for those U.S. individualists bent on one-pole solutions who stoking the fears in the false choice between tensions like these – the pope and his encyclical is a serious cause for some deep and necessary contemplation.

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