A small group doing BIG things for children and education is the Oneness Family School.

Oneness Family School’s mission is to provide a learning environment in which personal growth is valued as much as academic excellence. The vision at OFS is to foster a new generation of young leaders who become meaningful contributors to the society of the 21st century by providing an education that encourages children to expand their consciousness, realize their potential, and come to feel and understand that the world is one family.

It’s an amazing school with equally amazing leadership. Learn more about the school at
http://www.onenessfamily.org/ .

In 2009, Kayser Ridge donated 2 nights and 3 days as part of a fundraising Raffle to support OFS, and in October, the OFS Board held a planning retreat at Kayser Ridge. Click here for the slideshow:

Some testimonials from Board attendees appear below:

I really experienced “IT” at Kayser Ridge — peace, tranquility and a welcomed connection to nature.  The setting fed my soul enabling me to be open to the spirit.  It gave me the willingness and inspiration to do the serious work of the Oneness Family School board.  I am very pleased that we accomplished so much in a short time.

I appreciated time for hiking, reflecting, and getting to know the other board members more deeply.  The fresh, delicious and natural food, cooked in gourmet fashion, was an added treat and certainly was way beyond my expectations.

Thanks so much for helping to make a working experience a real retreat.

Ginny Cusack
Chair, Oneness Family School

Dear Cliff,
Each time I go to the mountaintop at Kayser Ridge I experience “IT”!…The nurture of magnificent natural beauty and embrace of the warmth and love that is the essence of Kayser Ridge.

Bette George