Cindy Hosgood, passed away this morning (December 16, 2015).

For over half a decade, Cindy contributed her time and talents to mission, vision, and success of Kayser Ridge. You don’t have to look far on the property or inside Kayser Ridge to see the many “small” improvements that combined to make a big impact on people’s experiences. I always referred to Cindy affectionately as, “salt of the earth.” Cindy knew a little something about just about everything. And, no matter what the challenge was at Kayser Ridge — you could count on and depend on her to find a way to overcome it.

I, and so many others who knew and loved Cindy will miss her as we recall many fond memories of her, her stories, and the experiences of so many ways she showered her love and friendship on people.

Rest in peace, my friend — and watch from your place for that special cairn constructed in your memory at Kayser Ridge. I, and Kayser Ridge will never forget/always remember your specialness, and spirit.

Love to you and those who mourn for you.