Stepping Into Purpose Retreat, 10/12-14 @ Kayser Ridge

By |2018-10-28T17:04:26-04:00October 15th, 2018|Kayser Ridge|

It was a first go-round for a visioning/vision quest at Kayser Ridge Retreat & Learning Center. As often happens when the right people assemble for the right work, and at the right time -- it can be transformational. I'm still basking in the light of this incredible collection of amazing women including lead facilitators, Christiane Frischmuth [...]

Sharing Sad News…

By |2018-12-15T20:10:09-05:00December 16th, 2015|Kayser Ridge|

Cindy Hosgood, passed away this morning (December 16, 2015). For over half a decade, Cindy contributed her time and talents to mission, vision, and success of Kayser Ridge. You don't have to look far on the property or inside Kayser Ridge to see the many "small" improvements that combined to make a big impact on people's [...]

Wishing Cindy Well…

By |2019-03-13T13:00:16-04:00June 22nd, 2015|Kayser Ridge|

It's been a tough few weeks for Kayser Ridge staffer, Cindy Hosgood...after ending up in the hospital with a brain tumor, she's talking again and getting some movement back. Her daughter, Heather, is a great support in the process. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with Cindy as she continues her progress.

Intentional Retirement/Role Change Retreat

By |2019-03-13T13:03:14-04:00June 24th, 2014|Kayser Ridge|

The following is a post submitted by Randall T. Byrnes, PhD, Imagine a remote lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia that requires a four-wheel drive vehicle to traverse the final quarter mile to reach your destination. Ask five men and one woman, some who never met each other to join you for [...]

Kayser Ridge inspires, “Cairns By Cliff”

By |2019-03-13T13:03:14-04:00June 20th, 2013|Kayser Ridge|

Who knew that cairns, originally serving as guideposts to a UFO landing site at Kayser Ridge would eventually spawn the most successful cairn building company in the capital of the most powerful nation on the planet. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask, "How did I get so lucky?" Just at the right place at [...]

Artist, Tom Bucci’s Watercolor of Kayser Ridge

By |2019-03-13T13:03:15-04:00May 13th, 2013|Kayser Ridge|

Washington DC based Artist and Architect, Tom Bucci has exhibited widely in the Washington DC area and his work is found in collections around the world, from embassies to corporate and private collections. He and his wife Erica, who is also a talented artist, are good friends who have spent time at Kayser Ridge. Several years ago, [...]

R.I.P. Vegas — a Best Friend of and to, Kayser Ridge

By |2019-03-13T13:03:15-04:00May 10th, 2013|Kayser Ridge|

Kayser Ridge lost a beloved Staff member, Vegas. Dawn had to make the difficult decision to put her friend of 17 years to sleep yesterday and shared some pictures of Vegas at Kayser Ridge, commenting, "she loved Kayser Ridge and could really and truly be a dog when there..." Vegas used to accompany Kayser Ridgers for [...]

Eagle Lands…In form of “Bridge to the Ridge”!

By |2019-03-13T13:03:16-04:00December 3rd, 2012|Kayser Ridge|

To improve safety for "Kayser Ridgers" and make the back ridge more accessible to everyone, Holly and his team constructed a "Bridge to the Ridge" -- a 60 foot catwalk leading to a new-improved upper deck that is almost 3x as big as the previous deck. This required heavy equipment to actually carve the ridge down [...]

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