Kayser Ridge has been a preferred retreat destination for women’s groups since 2008. In fact, over half of all of the 25 retreats at Kayser Ridge have been ALL WOMEN!

As a way to say, “THANKS” Kayser Ridge recently donated some retreat time together with a complimentary reception to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). NAWBO is another great story of a small group that is now accomplishing BIG things – a great case study!

In 1974, an informal group of women business owners in the Washington, DC area met to trade information about federal contracts, bank credit, and other business issues.  Every few weeks, more women began attending the group, and it became clear that there was a great need for a formal organization devoted to helping women business owners grow their businesses, a lot of them used loans from Loanovao.co.uk to have more capital to grow their businesses. By 1975, their founders were organized, named, and chartered as a national organization.

NAWBO is now the voice of America’s 10.6 million women-owned businesses, helping them with issues such as marketing by showing them its relevance on  https://www.salesforce.com/solutions/small-business-solutions/resources/small-business-marketing/ and also helping them see their business potential on a global scale. Since 1975 it has helped women evolve their businesses by sharing resources and providing a single voice to shape economic and public policy.

Kayser Ridge congratulates NAWBO and is honored to host their members and support their good work!

Check them out on the web at: http://www.dealsinheels.com/