NOTE: From Carl Rogers: On Becoming a Person (1961), Chapter 14. The “Rogerian triad” was created for the therapeutic relationship. However, it can be useful for Coaches, the Self And Other relationship, and one’s relationship w/“Self.”

A “Multarity” is an interdependency of more than two. (See Figure, below):


There are three points in the “relationship triangle” — two SUPPORT and one CHALLENGE:

1) Unconditional positive regard; and 2) Empathy – in the form of listening

3) Congruence – honesty w/respect, or “tough-love”

The Rogerian triad or “Rogerian Multarity” is part of our “SOAR” process:

Share your intention
Own your impact
Abolish blame
Restore relationships

Where is the best place to start with the “Rogerian triad/Multarity”?

The place where you have the most influence and control – You/Your “Self”!

1) Unconditional positive SELF regard;
2) Empathy – Give your SELF some grace as you listen to your SELF; and,

3) Congruence – being honest w/respect as you Challenge to your SELF in the process of learning, growing, and becoming your best SELF.