Make and Keep Us All Great: The Polarities of Democracy

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(Portions of the text below is taken from an article by William Benet, PhD, Suzanne Rackl, MM, CFRE, CFRM and Cliff Kayser, MSHR, MSOD, PCC) In 2017, the Institute for Polarities of Democracy was established as a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization to promote and advance the Polarity Thinking theory of Dr. Barry Johnson and the Polarities of Democracy [...]

Polarity Thinking AND Problem-solving | Continuity AND Transformation | Collective Justice AND Individual Justice | Freedom AND Equality | Self AND Other

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Independence Day Reflections on a Few of My Heroes “Polarity Thinking is a supplement to either/or problem-solving thinking – not a replacement.” Barry Johnson, PhD Our individual and collective effort to achieve independence was not expected to succeed. Against the odds the grand experiment of American independence and its representative self-government has succeeded. Bucking the idea of [...]

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