The True Gentleman: Another “Toxic Masculinity” Antidote

By |2023-12-03T06:40:55-05:00December 2nd, 2023|Both/And Polarity Leveraging, Multarities|

After my friend, Joe Shymanski’s memorial service this past September, I found a bit of comfort one morning writing about one of his favorite poems, Desiderata. A handful of weeks later, I’m seeking comfort in the same way after my Father's passing on November 20th, 2023. It's been a rough fall grieving both of these [...]

Seeing Desiderata Through a Polarity/Multarity Lens

By |2023-12-12T13:04:53-05:00October 14th, 2023|Both/And Polarity Leveraging, Multarities, Polarity Thinking|

“Desiderata” means “things wanted or needed.” Max Ehrmann, the poem’s author was a lawyer and poet from Terre Haute, Indiana, which happens to be my father’s home town. (NOTE: See component to this post -- a Cliff'sNOTE on The True Gentleman.) The first time I heard Desiderata (pronounced, [DI] + [ZID] + [UH] + [RAA] + [...]

Political Savvy and Persuasive Messaging: Aristotle’s 3-Pole Multarity of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos

By |2023-08-04T14:55:45-04:00August 4th, 2023|Multarities, Polarity Thinking|

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos and work in Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle -- an interdependency of three – in a powerful way to support political savvy and gain support for your ideas/initiatives. Each of the three dimensions represent important aspects of the Self And Other relationship in leveraging the “GP” (Greater Purpose) for the 3-poles: Political Savvy/Persuasive Messaging. Here [...]

High-leverage Action Steps in the relationship between Self And Other: The “Rogerian Multarity”: Unconditional Positive Regard, Empathy, and Congruence

By |2023-05-25T15:21:02-04:00May 25th, 2023|Multarities, Polarity Thinking|

NOTE: From Carl Rogers: On Becoming a Person (1961), Chapter 14. The “Rogerian triad” was created for the therapeutic relationship. However, it can be useful for Coaches, the Self And Other relationship, and one’s relationship w/“Self.” A “Multarity” is an interdependency of more than two. (See Figure, below): Figure There are three points in the “relationship triangle” [...]

A Well-Being Multarity to Leverage

By |2020-03-15T12:04:46-04:00March 15th, 2020|Multarities, Polarity Thinking|

In this time of coronavirus quarantine we're navigating the polarity tension of being simultaneously/paradoxically: Socially/physically more distanced from the collective AND Socially/physically more connected with self/a few others As we navigate this tension, it's quite possible we'll find ourselves coming into a deeper awareness of connection to other parts of individual selves we may have [...]

Polarity Theory and Integral Theory: The Polarities in the Integral “Multarity” (Interdependencies of more than two)

By |2019-06-08T14:20:59-04:00June 7th, 2019|Institute for Polarities of Democracy, Multarities, Polarity Thinking|

In 1967, C. West Churchman highlighted some key factors of unsolvable challenges. He referred to them as “Wicked Problems,” which are: 1) Unsolvable by rational analysis, 2) Systems issues, and 3) Require collective engagement for learning the way to solutions. Another important voice in the solvability discernment arena is Ron Heifetz, who made the clear [...]

From Polarities to Multarities: Interdependencies of More Than Two

By |2019-03-18T12:52:22-04:00March 18th, 2019|Institute for Polarities of Democracy, Multarities, Polarity Thinking|

As awareness of polarities increases, so does the awareness of multarities. The question about multiple poles comes up frequently in our PACT (Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation) Foundations and Professional Applications Certification training. Often, it’s from people who have deep subject matter expertise in a particular area. When they learn about polarities seeing the [...]

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