I have a client who shares (with pride) that he’s “Type A ADHD.” He’s also Harvard educated and former military. His energy level is super-high. After our coaching sessions I feel like working-out and breaking all my previous personal records. Yesterday he said, “COVID has kicked in the #@$&*^ door for new possibilities.”  Actually, that’s something I’ve been hearing frequently from healthcare leaders I coach (just minus F-bombers).

He shared a story about a discussion he had with the other senior leader in the organization about their “Theory of the Case” for creating better leaders. In their discussion, they’d exchanged information about recent books they’d read and liked. My client is polarity   savvy and couldn’t wait to tell me he thought the two of the books from the discussion represented “poles” of a polarity. Below are the partial descriptions from Amazon (I’ll give you one guess which book was his fav):

“Extreme Ownership” by “Jocko” Willink

“Combat, the most intense and dynamic environment imaginable, teaches the toughest leadership lessons, with absolutely everything at stake…how to apply powerful leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life.”
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“Host” by McKergow and Baily

“…Not about being the hero that has to make everything happen…The secret to moving forward is knowing when to step back: be the host…. This book reveals why Host Leadership is set to become one of the most pioneering concepts in 21st century management.”

He was right. My client’s organization licenses the Polarity Resource Portal and in the “archetypes” section “Hero/Achiever and Caregiver/Supporter” was a pretty close approximation to Hero and Host. For our next meeting my client is developing Action Steps for both upsides and Early Warning Signs to stay out of both downsides – his strategy for leveraging Hero and Host. We’re also toying with customizing the map for use in a 360-feedback assessment. Who knows, maybe eventually it will become an explicit part of their Theory of the Case more broadly for leader in the organization.

Stay tuned.

How do you leverage your Hero leader when that leadership is needed?
How do you leverage your Host leader when that leadership is needed?
What would your Action Steps and Early Warning Signs be to leverage your Hero and Host?