A friend asked me for Polarity Maps that might be helpful in this difficult time. I’m sharing several that are part of a chapter for the Volume 2 of “And” Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma (which hasn’t been published and the attached hasn’t been edited for publication, FYI). Technically, I shouldn’t even be sharing this, pre-publication. The content for the maps in this chapter are based on the brilliant work of Barry Oshry.

Here’s one thing I know… Angry people are scared people. Scared people are often scared because they feel disempowered, unheard, or unseen. Disempowered people do desperate things when their disempowerment leads to losing any hope of empowerment.  Like destruction of property or looting — whether it’s a Target or the U.S. Capitol.

We can listen without condoning bad behavior. We can see people without making them “evil.” None of us is above accountability. None of us is below forgiveness.

Maps, while helpful for getting where one needs to go — aren’t the territory or the experience. This territory is difficult territory. The experience of traveling it, isn’t easy. Hopefully, the maps support disempowerment to empowerment shifts. Good luck.