1. How has the oralonea virus in general hindered our preparation and response to the corona virus?
  2. Related to #1, how has the polarized political and social environment specifically served or not served us as a nation, and as a people? (See oralonea virus)
  3. What ways of thinking and tools will support us into the future?
  4. How might things be different if there were more women in national and global leadership?
  5. How has over focus on the needs of those in certain parts of the planet to the neglect of the whole negatively impacted those parts and the whole? (Before answering, watch this short TEDx on COVID-19.)
  6. How does healthcare only for some eventually undermine the health of all? (Before answering, watch this short TEDx on COVID-19.)
  7. How might basic levels of healthcare equity on the planet avert or support responses to future threats? (Again, before answering, watch this short TEDx on COVID-19.)
  8. How has the corruption of democratic republic values contributed to this crisis?
  9. How might the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights become a model for national and global leadership
  10. What role do WE THE PEOPLE play in Q’s 1-9 as it relates to accountability?