In my lifetime, I’ve not seen 7 billion people come together to leverage the key polarities such as the ones below (among others):

Self Care AND Care for Others

Care for Parts AND Care for the Collective

Information Accuracy AND Response Implementation

Science Focus AND Social Focus

Physical/Social Distance AND Emotional Connection

Being socially/physically distanced from the collective
Being more closely connected with a few close family/friends

Just when it seemed like people could not be more divided, isolated, and polarized – we’re now coming together as humanity to interrupt the spread of the corona virus. Globally.  And, in the ABSENCE of leadership from the top! EXAMPLES: Do not and I repeat — DO NOT click on this link if you’re sensitive to foul language.

(Here’s how I’ve dealt with my frustration about leadership.)

As a people, we’ve moved pretty fast, right — doing what it takes?

I feel such gratitude for (most of) my fellow human beings on the planet right now.  Healthcare workers especially who are contributing in so many different ways, including putting themselves on the front lines of risk to their own health every day. Last night I appreciated  the depth of human spirit watching Italians passing their time in “isolation” singing and playing music. And the many versions of humor about toilet paper shortages doubled me over in laughter more than once. And, yes — the situation has negative impact for many, on so many levels, and in ways we haven’t even seen yet. On par though, it seems like “we” people are doing a pretty respectable job leveraging the complexities as we navigate Connecting Emotionally AND Physically Disconnecting.

It’s way too soon to declare victory, but I’m enjoying the many doses of faith in humanity. And, it makes me wonder how we might in the wake of this pandemic do a better job of being together and using technology for the purpose it was intended — experiencing connection and exchanging honest and accurate information. Laughing. It’s an interesting paradox that we’re coming closer together in ways that seem to not be as polarized and divided — as we social distance. For now. I’m sure we’ll be tested in many ways as time goes on and I pray this trend continues.

Below are some things to think about:

Reflection questions for our time — with additional resource links.

A “multarity” (interdependency of more than two) related to self care to think about.

A bit about the “Oralona” virus.

Leveraging Polarities on Virtual Teams for the “new normal.”

Rethinking polarity tensions at the heart of democratic values.

How is the Army looking at avoiding war?

Award winning paper on Polarity Thinking — Joint Chiefs of Staff.

One high-leverage action step suggestion to leverage the polarity of Physical Distance AND Emotional Connection:

Find a way to connect with the nature world. I came out to Kayser Ridge for that purpose. When I woke up this morning, I was treated to a thin blanket of snow.